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The Most Popular Wines in Every State

There’s something special about wine. Whether you’re ending the workday with a glass of Chianti while you cook or sipping crisp Chardonnay in your favorite restaurant, the mere act of opening the bottle lends a sense of celebration. To determine...

The Best Wine Labels We've Seen

Perhaps one of the biggest wine trends we continue to see is happening on the outside of the bottle. Winemakers are paying increasing attention to that little piece of paper. More and more frequently we are starting to see wineries that are...

Is the Red Blend Trend Here to Stay?

Everywhere from high-end wine shops to supermarkets, red blends are suddenly white-hot. But what are 
they, exactly? 

Here’s a question that may not have occurred 
to you before: When is a wine like a burrito? The answer, as I recently...

2018 Wine Trends to Watch (and Try!)

2018 Wine Trend Watch: Wines to try in the New Year

What is on the horizon for 2018 wine trends? Let’s take a look at which trends will open up, breath, and come to maturity in the upcoming year

Red Blends Reach New Heights

The red blend market...